Michelle Boeshart

2010 Miss Rodeo Nebraska

Michelle Boeshart


“Ride Proud!”

Having the privilege of growing up in the western lifestyle on the plains of Nebraska, work ethic, family values, and an appreciation of both the road behind us and the road ahead are just a few of the lessons instilled in me and make me who I am today. I am Michelle Boeshart the 22 year old daughter of Steve and Robyn Boeshart of Maxwell.

I had the honor of being chosen as your 2010 Miss Rodeo Nebraska during the Miss Rodeo Nebraska Association’s Queen Pageant in June held in conjunction with the NEBRASKAland Days Celebration in North Platte. I won speech, written test, photogenic, appearance, congeniality and the coveted horsemanship award.

Horses have always been a significant part of my life. Knowing that he wanted his daughter to share his  passion for ranching and horses, my father knew that it needed to start with my first horse. At the young age of two, both I and my horse, Mandy, were “pony-ed” behind Dad until we gained enough confidence to head off on our own. But little did he know that I would end up in the 4-H arena, High School Rodeo arena, become one of his best hands on the ranch and then compete in the Buffalo Bill Rodeo arena for the title of Miss Rodeo Nebraska.

I am currently pursuing a Nursing Degree. I hold a degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Management and hope to someday combine the two to fulfill my goal of working with the Justin Sports Medical Team and become an even stronger ambassador of the Western Heritage.

One the congratulatory comments I remember from the night I was chosen as Miss Rodeo Nebraska 2010 was “Ride Proud”. Having just achieved one of the biggest dreams of my life, I realized many face the biggest challenge of their lives due to the struggling economy. For me “Ride Proud” doesn’t speak for just those in the rodeo arena – its life in general, be proud of who you are, where you come from and where you’re headed.

My goal as Miss Rodeo Nebraska is to spread my passion for Pro Rodeo and the appreciation of the athletic ability of rodeo athletes. No matter where life’s trail leads you, I ask you to “Ride Proud”.

Michelle Boeshart crowned Miss Rodeo Nebraska 2010

Michelle Boeshart, the twenty-two year old daughter of Steven and Robyn Boeshart of Maxwell, Nebraska, was crowned the new Miss Rodeo Nebraska for 2010 at Wednesday night’s performance of the Buffalo Bill Rodeo.

Her goal as Miss Rodeo Nebraska is to spread her passion of Pro Rodeo and the appreciation of the athletic ability of rodeo athletes. First runner-up was Anita Moorhead the twenty-two year old daughter of Ronald and Katherine Moorhead from Ogallala, Nebraska.

NEBRASKAland Days June 12-22, 2019