Code Sosebee

Cody Sosebee loves bringing the “funny.” 

Wherever the Charleston, Ark. man goes, he loves to make people laugh. And he can most often be found in rodeo arenas across the nation, bringing comedy to fans.

 The rodeo clown, a former bareback rider and bull rider, got his start clowning about twenty years ago. He takes pride in his funny and family-friendly show, and he can be found doing anything from impersonating Elvis to pretending he’s an actor on a television show.

 Before he became a rodeo clown, he was a bareback rider, and a good one, winning the Arkansas High School Rodeo Association title three times and the International Pro Rodeo Association title in 1993.

 Sosebee’s less-than-serious attitude has made him a living as a clown, and he is grateful. “Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be working as a rodeo clown, to pay my bills. I call it making funny money.”

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