Carly Woerman

2014 Miss Teen Rodeo Nebraska

Carly Woerman


North Bend, Nebraska is home to Carly Woerman, Miss Teen Rodeo Nebraska 2014. Carly is the 18­year­old daughter of Loy Woerman and Diane Gehring. She grew up on a farm with three older sisters and two younger brothers. Growing up, Carly was very involved in her school and community. Whether it was planting a tree or organizing a pep rally, she was a part of it. Carly is a sophomore at the University of Nebraska Lincoln and is studying to be a nurse anesthesiologist. She was on the dean’s list her first two semesters of college with a 3.7 GPA. Her future career goals include: graduating as one of the top academic students in her class, continuing her education at a medical school and then at a graduate school.

In Carly’s spare time, she enjoys horseback riding, barrel racing, swing dancing, creating her own tack, designing her own rodeo queen clothes, working outdoors and building a strong relationship with her horse. She proudly says Rodeo is her favorite hobby. She cannot get enough of the loving, family rodeo atmosphere. Her life mission is to fulfill every dream the good Lord has put into her heart. Carly hopes to raise and support a large family of her own, continue to contribute to the rodeo way of life, and pass her knowledge of rodeo and life experiences on to people from all walks of life. Her life missions are a reflection of her faith and willingness to give back to the world around her.

Carly is honored to be representing the state of Nebraska and the sport of rodeo. She plans to educate the public and youth about rodeo and the importance of family. She cannot think of anything more rewarding than giving back to the state, community and the way of life that has shaped her into the young lady she is today. Carly’s mission statement is “Ride With No Fear”. She encourages everyone to grab life by the reins and believe in themselves because dreams do come true. She would like to give a special thanks to her sponsors and her father for supporting her rodeo dreams.

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