Parade Route Remains Unchanged for 2016

GLH_4679The route for one of the largest events during NEBRASKAland DAYS will remain the same for 2016 after Celebration officials were notified that the construction on Jeffers Street will continue into the Spring of 2016. The Nebraska Department of Roads is unsure how far into the Spring construction will continue.

“We consulted with the State and the City about this decision for the coming year,” says Executive Director David Fudge. “There is not a great deal of confidence that construction will be concluded by the time the Celebration gets underway on June 15th, so it seemed prudent to plan this way.”

The route will once again move West down 4th Street from Bryan before turning South on Dewey. It will conclude at H Street, at which point Parade entries will be routed East.

“Frankly we received a lot of positive feedback from law enforcement, sponsors, and the City on this route,” says Fudge. “It proved to be very popular with those folks, and safer for participants who didn’t have to navigate up and down the viaduct. Ultimately, we feel the construction delay has given our organization an opportunity to study the long-term feasibility of this route.”

NEBRASKAland Days June 15-25, 2016